Bonita La Vida is your ultimate destination for newexperiences, meaningful connection, one-of-a-kind events, custom performancenutrition and unsurpassed indulgence. Conceptualised with the dynamic globalcycling community in mind, this unique slice of sportsman’s heaven has a visionto become the leading services and events provider for the global cycling andsporting community by providing extraordinarily memorable experiences andevents.
We understand that being a sportsperson is morethan a hobby, it is an inborn passion that runs through every aspect of anathlete’s life. Holistic preparation is required in order for any competitor toperform at his or her absolute peak, which is why we offer services that aim toprepare our guests’ minds, spirits and bodies to achieve the greatness theystrive for. We aim to help all athletes in our community to flourish with akeen focus on the three essential elements of a fulfilled life:


We help athletes to achieve optimal health andnutrition in order to harness their full potential with our all-natural menu ofperfectly balanced meals, snacks and drinks. All of our meals are freshlyprepared on-site and specially formulated to help you achieve the optimal stateof being that you need to excel. Our custom-made performance nutrition isdesigned to enhance the specific areas of focus that you strive toimprove such as endurance, focus, strength and stamina.


Restand rejuvenate your body with our premium on-site accommodation, world-classtreatments and specialised services, all of which are designed to celebrateyour efforts as an athlete and boost your recovery time. We provide afull-service experience in order to make your stay ultra-comfortable andultimately unforgettable.


Home to global sporting events of all sizes, the breath-taking island of Mallorca in the heart of Spain’s Balearic Islands is the perfect place to turn your dream event into a reality. With the help and guidance of our dedicated team of event planners and our seamlessly integrated website, it’s as easy as creating your event, selecting the services you need and allowing us to do the rest. You’ll also automatically form part of our incentive program so you can earn cash back and make an income from your event.

We elevate ourselves by focussing on how we want our guests to feel, not on what we have to sell. We want each guest that visits our special space to feel seen, appreciated and fulfilled, which is why we champion an intimate one-on-one approach for an exclusively ultra-luxe experience. Because we only have 12 to 16 people staying with us at a time, we can guarantee that you will receive the dedicated attention you undoubtedly deserve. For larger events that require accommodation, we have partnered with a local hotel in close proximity to the venue so that we can comfortably cater for groups of all sizes.

Trust us to create unforgettable experiences that will leave you with lifelong memories. Make Bonita La Vida a part of your athletic journey and see the results you’ve always dreamed of.