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What makes Bonita La Vida such an exceptional investment opportunity is its multi-layered approach. Instead of focussing on one aspect of an athlete’s needs, our team favours an all-encompassing approach that creates a warm and hospitable atmosphere where athletes can rest, recuperate and renew their passion for their sport. We are an experiential brand driven by our aspirations for excellence to create long-lasting memories that inspire our guests to come back again and again.  

Each element of the Bonita La Vida offering has its own distinctive purpose while serving the overarching vision of our brand, which is to become the leading services and events provider for the global cycling community. In order to achieve this vision, we have put the following foundations in place


More than just a standard eatery, our café is built on the belief that optimal nutrition fuels greatness. A favourite spot for cyclists to stop and refuel with an invigorating smoothie or a hearty lunch, each product on our café menu is formulated to give guests the energy and drive they need to reach their maximum potential.



For guests that are in a hurry to get home, our café offers a convenient take-home option that is as nutritionally optimized a sits sit-down meals. This gives guests the opportunity to rest and recover in the comfort of their own spaces without having to worry about a cooked meal.



Convenience is the buzzword of the 21st century, which is why we have developed a mobile app to make it even easier for guests to order, pay for and have freshly prepared, custom-made high-performance nutrition delivered straight to their doorstep. Visitors can access specially formulated drinks, energy bars and athlete-specific snacks with ease and enjoy the enhanced abilities and beneficial effects of the items they order. Our range of performance nutrition options is customized to give athletes the exact outcomes they are striving for by meeting their performance needs.



Few things drive an athlete to perform like the support of a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Our core community of passionate cyclists is the magic that brings guests back to Bonita La Vida year after year. Each guest is welcomed into the fold with equal enthusiasm, whether they are joining in for a week-long stay or a single meal. Athletes visitingBonita La Vida make connections with their peers that last a lifetime and fuel their passion for their sport.



Set on the breath-taking island of Mallorca off the coast of Spain, our comfortable accommodation is fully equipped to serve any need an athlete may have. Our amenities include a swimming pool, massage and relaxation treatments, sports broadcasting, bicycle rentals and washing facilities, product and tool shop, secure parking, laundry, café, terrace and free Wi-Fi through out the venue.



For those planning a sporting event or conference, we provide a 360 degree events management service. Guests can entrust their event with the experienced Bonita La Vida event services team and relax while the experts get to work. We offer everything our guests need to organize, manage, market and earn cash back from their sporting event from anywhere in the world. With a conference room, sporting and recreational facilities, lounges and sunshades, resting areas, superior nutritional catering, arranged tours, lectures, activities and marketing support, there is no event that we can’t host. 

The Bonita La Vida model rests on a solid business and development plan that has been formulated and approved by many experienced professionals including a lawyer, architect, and local investors with experience and education in tourism. To date, the Bonita La Vida project has been fully investor-funded. The development contributes directly to the modernization, tourism, employment and economic growth goals of Sa-Pobla, ensuring support and buy-in from the local community as well as the town’s mayor, Biel Ferragut.


Are you ready to join us and be a part of the next big thing in the sporting community?


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